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Circulin Artichoke Digestive Aid Heavy and high-fat meals, stress or the consumption of alcohol can quickly overwhelm our liver-bile system and stomach and ultimately lead to symptoms such as hyperacidity, heartburn or a feeling of fullness. Circulin artichoke plus...
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Digestive problems are a widespread disease and can have a wide variety of causes. Stress, poor diet, lack of fluid intake and lack of exercise are common causes and can trigger stomach discomfort. However, these aspects are often difficult to eliminate due to the fast pace of everyday...
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Our body acts as a high-performance system. It is able to reliably carry out a wide range of functions – for a lifetime and without a break. But free radicals, harmful substances, environmental toxins, microplastics or toxins such as alcohol regularly damage our body. A healthy...
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Product information "Artichoke" Otherwise known almost only as a food, this vegetable in juices and teas stimulates the  metabolism of the liver and gallbladder  . This is mainly due to their high content of polyphenols, special flavonoids and quinic acid...
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Artichoke extract with 2.5% cynarin, 5-fold concentrated nettle extract and juniper berries The artichoke is a perennial that is an increasingly appreciated plant for its many beneficial active ingredients. It is rich in organic and phenolic acids, the most important of which is...
ORGANIC MILK THISTLE & ARTICHOKE COMPLEX 400 mg Organic Marian Thistle Powder, Rich in gently extracted Silymarin. 40 mg Organic Artichoke Extract with at least 2.5% Cynarin per Capsule Known for Centuries as a Medicinal Plant for Liver, Stomach & Intestines Rich in Bitter...
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