Guarana Extract

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NATURAL STIMULANT Stimulates the metabolism More energy for the day lets you feel active and energetic Against tiredness and fatigue through comprehensive vitamin B complex With valuable extracts from ginkgo, ginseng, guarana and green tea Covers the recommended daily requirement of...
Brands NameCLAV Health Vitamin B9μg (360%*) Vitamin C60mg (200%*) Pantothenic acid12mg (200%*) Manganese1mg (50%*) Biotin300μg (600%*) Selenium60μg (109%*) Zinc5mg (50%*)
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IMPROVE ATTENTION AND CONCENTRATION Improves your concentration and attention Vitamin B5 to support mental performance capacity Supports cognitive functions with zinc + iron Includes natural extracts from green tea, guarana and ginkgo Covers the daily requirement of the...
Brands NameCLAV Health Vitamin B10μg (400%*) Vitamin C40mg (50%*) Pantothenic acid18mg (300%*) Biotin150μg (300%*) Zinc5mg (50%*)
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KETO DIET CAPSULES FOR MORE ENERGY With green tea and guarana for a high-energy start to the day Covers the daily requirement of vitamin B12 and niacin against tiredness & exhaustion With activated L-carnitine for optimal supplementation of a keto-diet  100%...
Brands NameCLAV Health Caffeine18 mg Carnipure373.2 mg Chromium 16.1 µg (40 %) Green tea200 mg Guarana 150 mg Niacin18 mg NE (112.5 %) Vitamin B123.8 µg (152 %) Vitamin D31.02 µg Vitamin B3.8μg (152%*)
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