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                             Orthomol junior C plus Micronutrients for the little ones giving the body what it needs from a general health perspective also includes exercise and relaxation. As with the immune...
Brands NameOrthomol Vitamin A300 ug Vitamin D150 Mg Vitamin C200 mg Molybdenum20 ug zinc3 mg Vitamin K50 ug Vitamin E36 mg Vitamin B61,8 mg Vitamin B22,1 mg Vitamin B125 ug Vitamin B11,2 mg Selenium10 ug Niacin18 mg Chromium 10 ug Manganese0,75 mg Magnesium 60 mg Lycopene200 ug Lutein800 ug lodine50 ug iron6 mg Folic acid200 UG Copper0,5 mg Weight108 g Help ForCirculatory System, Energy, Boost Immune System Pantothenic acid12 mg Citrus-Bioflavonoide3 mg Quantity30 Life StageKids Biotin100 ug Zinc3 mg
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Nutrition, exercise, relaxation As parents we are able not only to contribute to our children’s physical growth, but also to significantly influence their intellectual development. In addition to the importance of emotional care, a key role is also played by healthy eating,...
Brands NameOrthomol Vitamin C50 mg Weight0.05 Omega 3380 mg Help ForBoost Immune System Quantity30 Life StageKids Biotin15 µg Zinc10 mg Iron2.3 mg
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nasic® – for faster rhinitis relief nasic® with the special active substance combination of xylometazoline and dexpanthenol rapidly frees a blocked nose improves breathing after just a few minutes and accelerates the healing of the irritated nasal mucosa The...
Brands NameNasic dexpanthenol5% xylometazoline0.1%
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Vitamin D3 + K2 Family Drops Dissolved in valuable MTC oil, for easy ingestion and high bioavailability Premium D3 from the natural source lanolin plus high quality K2 for maintaining bone health Optimally dosed for the whole family (child-friendly units) Benefits Based...
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Start Kids Strong From 3+ – A delicious orange-squash flavour daily multivitamin drink for kids featuring a full spectrum of 22 essential vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C 13 Superhero Vitamins – With 10mcg Vitamin D3 which contributes to the normal function of the...
Brands NameVivanta Nutrition Vitamin A316 μg RE Vitamin B0.6 μg Vitamin D10 µg Vitamin C25 mg Pantothenic acid1.5 mg Manganese0.3 mg Biotin12.5 μg Selenium8.3 μg Zinc1.5 mg
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The health benefits of Laflorin for children at a glance: With 4 billion active strains The intestinal flora can affect the well-being of your child. 80% of the immune system is in the gut: the function of the gut is closely linked to our overall metabolic processes and the...
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