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GRANU FINK ®  female A little fit of laughter and it happens. Just on the way and already it's that time again. The bladder weakens. Millions of women of all ages know it. We believe that no woman should let that limit her. As long as there is a natural...
Brands NameGranu Fink Weight144g Quantity60 Capsule Life StageAdult Iron8.7mg
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SUPPORTING COMFORTABLE AND HEALTHY DIGESTION Dr. Berg’s Gallbladder Formula is designed to support healthy digestion and promote normal bile. Digestive discomfort such as acid reflux and bloating can often be blamed on a weak gallbladder that produces abnormal bile levels. You may be...
Brands NameDr. Berg Betaine400 mg
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Product information "Artichoke" Otherwise known almost only as a food, this vegetable in juices and teas stimulates the  metabolism of the liver and gallbladder  . This is mainly due to their high content of polyphenols, special flavonoids and quinic acid...
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The health benefits of Cranberry Mannose Complex at a glance: Bladder Health Biotin supports normal energy metabolism and contributes to the maintenance of normal mucous membranes and thus to bladder health urinary health Lower urinary tract health...
Brands NameIcerberg Health Vitamin C12 mg Biotin20 µg Zinc1,5 mg
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Natural D-Mannose Capsules 500 mg High-quality D-Mannose from birch bark in vegan capsules Bioactive birch monosaccharide, naturally free from side effects Suitable for diabetics and pollen allergy sufferers Benefits Gently extracted, high-purity D-mannose powder from birch bark,...
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Description: Dietary supplement. Use / application / consumption recommendation: 3 times a day the content of a portion ticket in a glass of water (200 ml) give and stir until the powder has resolved. Then drink immediately. Storage conditions: Do not store more than 25 ° C and protected...
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Product description The Granu Fink bladder is traditionally used to strengthen the bladder function of men and women, for example in the case of urinary weakness, to maintain normal bladder function or to facilitate emptying of the bladders. 1. What is granu fink bubble and what is...
Brands NameGranu Fink Weight299 g Quantity50 Life StageAdult
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