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A perfectly balanced complex of vital substances Anyone who has ever suffered from  thin or thinning hair  or a  receding hairline  knows what it means to find a hair growth product or hair tablet that will help lost hair grow back faster, or at all! A lack of...
zinc10 mg Boron1 mg Vitamin E18 mg Vitamin B9100 μg Vitamin B65 mg Vitamin B5100 mg Vitamin B25 mg Vitamin B15 mg MSM100 mg Millet seeds extract 250 mg Mangan1 mg L-cysteine6 mg Kupffer1 mg Gruener tree extract 100 mg Green tea100 mg Eisen3,3 mg Davon Koffin 7 mg Manganese1 mg Biotin5000 μg Selenium55 μg Zinc10 mg Brands NameCosphera Vitamin A800 μg Vitamin C40mg
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Anything that shines, looks smooth or supple  and makes a thoroughly healthy impression is well-groomed. External environmental influences, pollutants in food, an unhealthy or one-sided diet, on the other hand, have a massive impact on the appearance of skin, hair and nails, so that...
Brands NameVitalplant Vitamin A600 μg Vitamin B3.6 µg Vitamin C27 mg Pantothenic acid7.2 mg Biotin720 µg Zinc5 mg

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