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Boost Your Exercise Performance, Rehydrate and Restore Key Electrolytes Fast with Dr. Berg’s Sports Drink – ZERO Sugar or Harmful Additives 0 Sugar or Maltodextrin. Pink Himalayan Salt Added to Improve Workout Recovery. STAY ENERGIZED AND HYDRATED DURING INTENSE EXERCISE WITH DR....
Brands NameDr. Berg Trace Mineral Complex 100 mg
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INTRODUCING: DR. BERG’S ELECTROLYTE POWDER CHERRY POMEGRANATE Dr. Berg’s Electrolyte Powder Cherry Pomegranate is a powerful support for hydration, muscle function, and energy. With 1000 mg of potassium per serving, this formula is a highly potent source of electrolytes. The electrifying...
Brands NameDr. Berg Trace Mineral Complex 100 mg
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Veggie Solution – Flavored  WHAT IS DR. BERG’S VEGGIE SOLUTION – FLAVORED? Your mother always said you needed vegetables to be healthy. But fruits and vegetables can be expensive to buy and take long to cook. Experts recommend at least four cups of fruits and vegetables a day. That...
Brands NameDr. Berg Vitamin A4215 IU Vitamin B0.021 mg Protein3 g
Orthomol Vital f Micronutrients for women Your everyday life makes constant demands. And you deliver. Reliably. It’s good to keep an eye on yourself, though. Tiredness and exhaustion are often the result of everyday stress. A specific micronutrient combination...
Brands NameOrthomol Vitamin A450 μg RE° Vitamin B25 mg Vitamin D15 µg Vitamin C530 mg Lutein800 mcg Weight600 ml Molybdenum60 mcg Magnesium 150 mg Lycopene200 mcg Calcium160 mg lodine150 mcg zinc10 mg iron8 mg Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA)150 mg Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)100 mg Copper0.5 mg Chromium 30 mcg Omega 3300 mg Help ForWomen's Health Pantothenic acid18 mg Citrus-Bioflavonoide5 mg Manganese2 mg Quantity30 Life StageAdult Biotin165 µg Selenium50 mcg Zinc10 mg Iron8 mg
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Orthomol i-CAre Micronutrient support for adults Your daily eating habits have a major influence on your health. A balanced diet and a responsible approach to your body are particularly important when you are ill in order to provide the body with the necessary energy....
Brands NameOrthomol Vitamin A750 ug Vitamin B6 mcg Vitamin D15 ug Vitamin C310 mg Vitamin E20 mg Magnesium 10 mg Vitamin B64,2 mg Vitamin B126 ug Thiamin2.8 mg Weight471 g Riboflavin3,5 mg Pomegranate extract50 mg Omega 3388 mg Oligomere Proanthocyanidine (OPC)10 mg Niacin18 mg Molybdenum60 ug Minerals100 mg Broccoli extract100 mg Lycopene2 mg Vitamin K60 ug Lutein1 mg Green tea extract100 mg Grape seed extract37 mg Ginger extract300 mg Folic acid300 ug Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA)194 mg Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)130 mg Curcuma-Extract100 mg Copper0,5 mg Chromium 30 ug Help ForBoost Immune System Pantothenic acid6 mg Citrus-Bioflavonoide5 mg Manganese2 mg Life StageAdult Biotin50μg Selenium100 ug Zinc10 mg
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All in One provides a foundational supply of all the most important nutrients in just one supplement. A uniquely broad spectrum of bioactives, embedded in a mixture of algae, polyphenols and superfood powders. Carefully selected active ingredients, no additives, vegan. 120 capsules...
Brands NameSunday Natural Vitamin A1000 IE (300 μg) Vitamin B35 mg Vitamin D1000 IE Vitamin C100 mg Biotin150 µg Selenium20 mg Zinc10 mg
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Sonosan ® is a food for special medical purposes (balanced diet) for diet management in case of nutritive noises in the ears / tinnitus. The Sonosan ® nutrient concept was developed as a duo combination to cover a specifically increased need for micronutrients in the case...
Vitamin A300 mcg Zinc5 mg
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Outstanding quality. 365 highly dosed multivitamin tablets with 32 ingredients for full 365 days of use (1 year’s supply). One tablet contains a unique and highly dosed complex of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants and amino acids. 32 active ingredients: Each tablet contains...
Brands NameVit4ever Vitamin A800 μg Vitamin B16 mg Vitamin D200 I.E Vitamin C80 mg Manganese2 mg Betaine5 mg Selenium55 μg Zinc10 mg
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Orthomol Aurinor Boosts the energy-yielding metabolism1 The need for micronutrients can differ greatly in certain situations in life, which is why a specific selection and targeted composition of these substances is particularly important. Orthomol Aurinor is...
zinc10 mg Lycopene250 ug Weight22 g Vitamin E150 mg Vitamin B65 mg Vitamin B129 ug Thiamin4 mg Riboflavin5 mg Omega 3500 mg Niacin50 mg Molybdenum60 ug Chromium 60 ug Magnesium 10 mg Lutein750 ug L-Carnitine200 mg Inositol100 mg Folic acid300 ug Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA)60 mg Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)400 mg Copper1 mg Coenzyme Q1015 mg Help ForEnergy Pantothenic acid18 mg Citrus-Bioflavonoide5 mg Quantity30 Life StageAdult Biotin165 µg Selenium50 µg Zinc10 mg Brands NameOrthomol Vitamin A1.417 µg Vitamin D15 µg Vitamin C530 mg
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Orthomol Immun Orthomol Immun contains 25 important micronutrients in a combination of vitamins, phytochemicals and minerals and has been tried and tested in medical practice for 30 years. Micronutrients for the immune system Orthomol Immun is a food for special medical purposes (balanced diet). For dietary management in the case of nutritional-related immune deficits (e.g. in the case of recurrent respiratory infections). Due to its properties and characteristics, Orthomol Immun is able to cover the specific nutritional needs of nutritionally-related immune deficiencies. Scientific data shows that the combination of vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, selenium, copper and manganese as well as other vitamins, minerals and other substances is useful for the nutritional requirements for diet management in nutritionally induced immune deficiencies. Orthomol Immun Productprobe Would you like to get to know Orthomol Immun? Then enter your data on the following page and simply request your free sample of Orthomol Immun. Orthomol immune dosage form
Vitamin A450 μg RE° Vitamin B25 µg Vitamin D5 mcg Vitamin C950 mg Weight0.05 Help ForBoost Immune System Pantothenic acid10 mg Quantity30 Life StageAdult Biotin165 µg Selenium50 mcg Zinc10 mg Iron8 mg
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Orthomol Mental Targeted support for the brain, concentration and memory1 The brain is without doubt the most fascinating and complex organ in the human body. Although we are hardly ever aware of it, our brain is constantly hard at work 24 hours a day. It...
zinc5 mg Niacin35 mg Weight135 g Vitamin E70 mg Vitamin B610 mg Vitamin B129 mcg Thiamin8 mg Riboflavin8 mg Omega 3480 mg Magnesium 100 mg Lycopene200 mcg Lutein800 mcg L-Carnitine100 mg Grape seed extract37 mg Gingko biloba extract50 mg Folate500 mcg DFE Coenzyme Q105 mg Help ForBrain & Congnitive Pantothenic acid18 mg Citrus-Bioflavonoide5 mg Quantity30 Life StageAdult Biotin100 mcg Brands NameOrthomol Vitamin A1300 mcg Vitamin D15 mcg Vitamin C300 mg
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Orthomol Nemuri night Out like a light.*Sleep at night. The nemuri-neko – the “sleeping cat” – is the symbol of peace and tranquillity. We frequently find that it is difficult to achieve the necessary calm or restful sleep in our hectic and sometimes demanding everyday...
Brands NameOrthomol glycine3.000 mg Green tea extract200 mg Hop-Extract50 mg L-Tryptophan500 mg Magnesium 180 mg melissen-extract200 mg Niacin16 mg theanine70 mg Vitamin B61,4 mg Weight144g Help ForSleep Quantity30 Life StageAdult Other IngredientsWater, sweetener xylitol 0.9%, passion flower extract (from Passiflora incarnata, obtained from 11.5 mg of passion flower petals), lemon balm extract 0.8% (from Melissa officinalis, obtained from 10 mg of lemon balm plant leaves), melatonin 0, 5%, flavour
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FINDING INNER PEACE AND BALANCE For your well-being and pleasant relaxation Finally be able to let your soul dangle again Regulates the mood through Griffonia 5-HTP and vitamin B5 Enthält valuable extracts from Ashwagandha,...
Brands NameCLAV Health Vitamin B5μg (200%*) Pantothenic acid6mg (100%*)
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ADRENAL & CORTISOL SUPPORT The Physical Reason For Your Stress   Poorly balanced hormones can make you stressed. Adrenal glands are one of the organs your body naturally used to create normal hormones. If they are not healthy, they may cause you unnecessary stress. Dr. Berg’s Adrenal...
Brands NameDr. Berg Vitamin C13 mg Camu camu55 mg Nutritional Yeast200 mg Manganese1 mg Zinc2 mg
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Herbal medicine for menstrual disorders Active ingredient:  dry extract of  chaste fruit  .  Areas of application:  For rhythm disturbances in the menstrual period (regular pace anomalies), feeling of tension and swelling in the breasts (mastodynia), monthly recurring complaints before the...
Brands NameHubner Weight0.05 Life StageAdult
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WHAT IS DR. BERG’S KETO ENERGY? Brain fog and exhaustion limit your life. Support your body to have clean healthy energy from the ground up. Coffee and energy drinks serve a purpose -- but they just give you a quick mental boost that ends with a crash. A healthy concentration of...
Weight0.05 Quantity60 Capsule Life StageAdult Biotin150 mcg Brands NameDr. Berg Vitamin A450 mcg RAE Vitamin B102.75 mg Vitamin D10 mcg Vitamin C30 mg
Important micronutrients for men who want to have children. 39 exclusive ingredients with a high-dose vitamin B complex and an important amino acid complex. The health benefits at a glance: Sperm formation and fertility Selenium contributes to normal sperm...
Brands NameIcerberg Health Vitamin A400 μg RE Vitamin B25 mg Vitamin D800 IE Vitamin C400 mg Pantothenic acid30 mg Manganese1 mg Biotin400 µg Selenium150 µg Zinc8 mg
Thyroid & Hormones Selenium contributes to normal thyroid function and vitamin B6 to the regulation of hormone activity and thus to normalization of thyroid function, healthy hormone balance, physical well-being. Does not contain iodine VitalComplex...
Brands NameIcerberg Health Vitamin A400 μg RE Vitamin B25 mg Vitamin C400 mg Pantothenic acid30 mg Manganese1 mg Biotin400 µg Selenium200 µg Zinc8 mg
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Magnesium contributes to normal muscle function Orthomol Magnesium Plus is a food supplement with magnesium as a contribution to normal muscle function and superoxide dismutase from melon juice concentrate. Orthomol Magnesium Plus is a food supplement with magnesium that...
Brands NameOrthomol Magnesium 150MG Melon fruit extract10 MG Orgotein140 IU Weight96 g Help ForMuscle, Men's Health, Women's Health Quantity60 Capsule Life StageAdult Other IngredientsTrimagnesium dicitrate Magnesium oxide
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WHAT IS DR. BERG’S ELECTROLYTE POWDER LEMONADE 50 SERVINGS? Dr. Berg’s Electrolyte Powder supports hydration, healthy muscles, and high energy.  The formula is mixed with potassium -- the often-missed ingredient for peak performance. This electrifying combination supports energy levels...
Brands NameDr. Berg Trace Mineral Complex 100 mg
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