Pumpkin Seed Extract

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GRANU FINK® Prosta plus Sabal with the proven active ingredient combination of FINK® medicinal pumpkin and Sabal. Traditionally used to strengthen the bladder-prostate system when there is a frequent urge to urinate, at night and during the day. Problems with urination are part of...
Brands NameGranu Fink Quantity120 Life StageAdult Iron8.7mg Palm fruits75 mg
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plea for relief Traditionally, pumpkin seeds (colloquially called "pumpkin seeds") have been considered  "healthy food for men" for many centuries.  Therefore, the classic garden pumpkin also developed through conscious breeding into today's medicinal pumpkin, Cucurbitaceae. At...
Brands NameVitalplant Selenium27.5 µg Zinc2.5 mg
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GRANU FINK ®  female A little fit of laughter and it happens. Just on the way and already it's that time again. The bladder weakens. Millions of women of all ages know it. We believe that no woman should let that limit her. As long as there is a natural...
Brands NameGranu Fink Weight144g Quantity60 Capsule Life StageAdult Iron8.7mg
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Then it is quite possible that you are aware of the following:  Frequent urge to urinate  . This can be caused by a benign enlargement of the prostate, but it can also cause problems such as frequent urination or the feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder.  GRANU...
Brands NameGranu Fink Weight120 g Quantity40 Life StageAdult Pumpkin Seed Thick Extract500mg
FürstenMED Prosta Complex Vegetable complex - gently extracted and processed. The capsules of the prosta complex are specially developed for men. The combination of the ingredients of pumpkin seed extract, tomato extract, pomegranate extract, soy extract, nettle extract and...
Brands NameFurstenMed Selenium60 μg
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Product description The Granu Fink bladder is traditionally used to strengthen the bladder function of men and women, for example in the case of urinary weakness, to maintain normal bladder function or to facilitate emptying of the bladders. 1. What is granu fink bubble and what is...
Brands NameGranu Fink Weight299 g Quantity50 Life StageAdult
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