Grape Seed Extract

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Outstanding quality. 365 highly dosed multivitamin tablets with 32 ingredients for full 365 days of use (1 year’s supply). One tablet contains a unique and highly dosed complex of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants and amino acids. 32 active ingredients: Each tablet contains...
Brands NameVit4ever Vitamin A800 μg Vitamin B16 mg Vitamin D200 I.E Vitamin C80 mg Manganese2 mg Betaine5 mg Selenium55 μg Zinc10 mg
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Did you know that women winemakers have particularly beautiful legs? This is not only due to the fact that you are on your feet from morning to night, but above all to the active ingredients in the grapes. They are extremely often in contact with these by crushing the berries. In...
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It's time for a new path. I would like to lose weight in a healthy way and would like a dietary supplement that can accompany me and have a long-term positive effect on my metabolism. My desired figure and a good metabolism are important to me. I want to control my hunger...
Brands NameIcerberg Health Vitamin B0,21 mg Vitamin D0,75 µg / 30 I.E.* Biotin7, 5 µg Selenium8,25 µg Zinc1,5 mg
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Oligomeric proanthocyanides is the full name of the abbreviation OPC. These are secondary plant substances and antioxidants, the effectiveness of which was already philosophized by the ancient Romans. However, the wholesomeness of grapes did not disappear with the Roman Empire - on the...